The Human Body

Learn about the human body by doing experiments with your five senses that show you how your body works. By exploring the outside of your body with hands-on experiments, you can learn a lot about the inside anatomy of the body.

Examine your fingerprints to learn how you are unique. Build a stethoscope and listen to your heartbeat to learn how your heart pumps blood, and listen to your gurgling tummy to learn how your stomach works. With the stethoscope, you can investigate how your ears hear with a listening game and a sound memory experiment.

Test your lung capacity to learn about how your lungs work. Examine your diet and your digestive functions to learn how your body processes nutrients to give you the energy to do more experiments!

Try a blindfolded exercise to find out about hand-eye coordination. Take a tickle test to learn about your skin and sensory receptors. Monitor your pulse to learn about your circulatory system. Follow your nose in a smell memory game to learn about your sense of smell. Take a blindfolded taste test to learn about your tongue.
Try some balancing exercises to explore your muscles and bones. Discover how your ears play a role in your balance. Construct a magic telescope, spin an optical illusion top, and hold a staring contest to see how your eyes work.
Relate your experiments back to human body systems, including the internal organs, skeleton, muscles, and the circulatory system, with clear and accurate anatomical illustrations.

With a 48-page, full-colour illustrated guidebook, this kit teaches human biology fundamentals with step-by-step, hands-on experiments.

Perfect from 5 years.

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