I like Sundays. Sunday is what I call "family day", no friends over, no phone, no computer, just us. It sounds head wrecking with 4 children (aged 8,10,16 and 17) but it actually is a day that the whole family looks forward to. There is so much going on during the week and Saturdays that Sunday is a real "cosy" day! We are into games and board games. However, I am the one who initially pushed it because it can be done sitting down! Our house favourite is the Monopoly Millionaire, it looks like it suits the ones who are competitive and like winning, the ones who have little patience but have to wait for their turns when 4 or 5 of us play, and the ones who like counting and recounting their money (great for maths!). We have fun, it gets loud and we talk a lot. Bingo is another fun one, with a personal touch, every number has to be given in English, Irish and French. Whoever gets a full row gets a sweet, a full board gets a big hug! (not such a popular prize so it was changed to a couple of euro coins...). A deck of cards, I used to play a lot of card games with my grandparents and I loved it. This year my 96 year old French granny has taught my children to play "rami", I am not sure what it is in English but they love it. I have found a list of card games to play with children on netmums.co.uk - just check it. Cards are easy to transport too and can be used for a challenging stacking game. http://www.netmums.com/activities/free-family-fun/easy-card-games.