It is finally happening, the new website is up and running. It takes a while, it is a long project and for anybody who is looking at the online route or who has already gone through that, it is a project you do not forget! It is exciting at first, then complex, mind-buggling and very challenging. It requires a lot of patience and attention to details but pays off, eventually. I have also been very lucky with the partners I have used. I suppose when you decide to go ahead with an online shop, you need a very clear idea of what you would like, and also what you do not like, document it and do not understimate the amount of testing it will take. During the testing period, work out every possible scenario, test all browsers and mobile phones and screenshot everything, take notes of everything and work out who is to fix the issue, the developper, merchant provider, server provider? Follow everything up. I have asked my friends, family members, my 2 teenage children to test, give me feedback and it is well worth having a total outsider's view. Teenagers are ruthless when it comes to the "internet sphere". Make the online shop future proof, make sure you can change every single part of your site and will not depend on someone who will convince you there is a monthly fee to maintain your site. There is so much to talk about, if you want to share your thoughts, please give me a shout.