Smelling games and sensory toys, bring back your sense of smell in a fun way! From a very young age I have been sensitive to smells. My grandparents used to mind me after school on Wednesdays and I remember the smells of lily of the valley, parsley, garlic and fresh tomatos from the garden (I am from the South West of France!). These smells always bring back lovely memories. I am sure we all have these smells from our childhood that, when we close our eyes, bring us back to places. When I observe my children and what they play with and the type of toys, I realise it is quite narrow in terms of exploring all senses. I know eyes and ears are challenged everyday, when it comes to touch or smell, it is very limited. I think it is a good idea to encourage our children to explore with their smell and sense of touch and not ony with their eyes and ears! I encourage my children to be sensitive to smells when I cook something for example, I ask them to guess the name of the ingredients. When I came across the Loto des Odeurs and Topscent from the French company Sentosphere, I thought it was a fun and entertaining way to bring back our sense of smell. This toy is like a science games for kids but with a twist. It is a family board game with simple rules and provides fun moments for the whole family. These are games that I think children and adults will genuinely enjoy. I am always surprised when I play the Loto des Odeurs sensory game, how much a smell can tease me. I know that smell and yet it takes me ages to actually find its name (without looking at any picture!). Both Loto des Odeurs and Topscent are manufactured in France and the smells are guaranteed to last for at least 2 years (and more from my personal experience!).