I would like to recommend my favourite toys for Christmas!

These are toys that will stand the test of time and inspire children to be creative. Most of them are wooden toys as I think they offer a lovely touchy/feely experience.

They do not make any noise, which leaves it up to the child to make something out of it! this can only encourage imagination and creativity. My top toys are the toys I truly believe will be played and enjoyed over and over in your house and that you will enjoy playing with your children.

Eduludo sticks is great to develop a sense of space awareness and problem solving. It is a mix between a wood puzzle and a pattern exercise and the templates are very well designed and eye-catching. A toy for a 5 year old and older.

Boa puzzle is a 350 piece jigsaw puzzle for kids. What I like about this puzzle is its end shape, the shape of a boa and its size - 62cm tall, what an achievement! The colours and design give this puzzle a modern twist. A toy suitable for a 7 year old and older  

Table top puppet theatre is a good old classic. It is easy to assemble and gives children loads of opportunities to use their imagination and improvise a show. A toy for a 3 year old and older  

Games compendium - 4 traditional family games in a wooden box: Snakes and Ladders, Tic Tac Toe, Draughts and Tiddly Winks. What I like about it are the cotton storage bags to keep all the bits for each game together. A toy for a 3 year old and older (and much older, we still use it in our house!)  

Topscent is a smelling game, unusual and original. It is a board game to test your memory and sense of smell. Smell is probaly the sense we encourage the least through play and yet we use it and need it everyday! A toy for a 6 year old and older.

Farm musical blocks - so well designed for toddlers, each block has a different shape and design and also makes a sound. Great for toddlers who like to experiment with sizes, sounds and start using their fine motor skills for stacking.  

Mosaico maxi is a peg board with extra large pegs. The extra large pegs are well suited from the age of 3 years. Young children will like the repetition of this game and will get huge satisfaction when they fill in their board with the pegs. A toy for a 3 year old and older.  

Wooden hairdresser set. Who does not like to get their hair but also moustache or beard done? You will get pampered for hours with these safe hairdresser accessories and they do not make any noises! Brilliant! A toy for a 3 year old and older.  

Coffee set is a pretend play toy by excellence. It encourages sharing, taking turns, all good social skills and also imaginative play. This pretend coffee set has lovely smooth neutral colours that suit boys and girls. A toy for a 3 year old and older.  

Boxed set geoform is another good old favourite and best seller! It includes wooden shapes and template cards. The idea is to select the right shapes to reproduce the picture on the template card. Great to develop problem solving and use fine motor skills. A toy for a 4 year old and older.  

I could not call it TOP 10 toys as I will add more toys as we go along...