I am delighted to introduce a new range of construction wooden toys from a French company called Jeujura. It is not because I am French! but because I love that type of wooden toys. I love toys where I can sit with my children and play with them, we may not get to the end result but have fun trying and we talk too! Jeujura is more than 100 years old and makes construction/building toys (amongst other toys) in France. I have picked few models from their construction range where the pieces just slot in. The project is always challenging and can involve parents, siblings, friends. It is not something that will be done overnight but it will get children to think, concentrate and challenge themselves as to where the pieces should go. My First Farm has 120 pieces that are slightly bigger and is suited from 3 years old, the other sets (70 wooden house and 140 pieces wooden construction chalet) are suited for 5 years old and older. My favourite is the Wooden Castle to Build with 120 pieces. I love the warm orange and red colours of the pieces. I do not think we can go wrong when we buy wooden construction toys like that, they will be used, enjoyed and passed on, and they will not break.