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SmartGames Butterflies


SmartGames are fun, brain-building logic games for one player.It’s also great fun to solve our brain-teasing challenges with someone else…
Smartgames create thinking games with simple game rules. In this way, while playing, players can focus entirely on the game.

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SmartGames Butterflies is a unique and fun sliding puzzle featuring 48 challenges, from easy to expert. A perfect, compact travel game that includes a storage compartment for the puzzle pieces and challenge booklet.
To set up the game, place the 8 puzzle tiles on the game board as indicated in the selected challenge. Each puzzle tile has two sides: one side has artwork, the other side is empty. Start by placing the pieces with artwork first as indicated. Flip over all other pieces to the empty side in order to use them anywhere an empty puzzle tile is indicated.
Slide the puzzle tiles to create complete, symmetrical butterflies. You must not lift puzzle tiles to place them elsewhere; in other words, all tiles must remain on the board and you can only move them by sliding them.
You have found the solution when all the butterflies in the challenge are complete and whole. Half butterflies must not be next to the borders.

Perfect from 6 to 99 years.

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Learning Skill Problem Solving
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