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Magnetic Labyrinth Pathfinder


This large magnetic labyrinth pathfinder is a fantastic way to encourage dexterity, coordination and fine motor skills.

It is ideal to be used as a handheld puzzle and has no loose parts.

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It contains two magnetic pens, (one red and one blue) and 10 coloured balls (5 red and 5 blue). This can be used by one child practising their right and left side and also by two children, each competing to get their five coloured balls into the centre of the maze first.

The panel does have two screw holes in the top so the item can be hung on a wall or in a play area if required. Additionally, it has slots for each of the magnetic pens to go into, so they do not have to be left dangling down from the panel.

Large board measuring 39cm x 34cm

Perfect from 3 years.

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Learning Skill Creativity, Hand to Eye Coordination, Problem Solving, Sensory Development
Shop by Age Eight Year Olds, Five Year Olds, Four Year Olds, Seven Year Olds, Six Year Olds, Three Year Olds
Shop by Gender Boys, Girls

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