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Match the Bees Wooden Puzzle


A unique 19 piece wooden puzzle with brainteasing challenges! Comes packaging free too!

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Match the Bees is a unique 19 piece wooden puzzle with brainteasing challenges! Stuka Puka Bee Puzzle is a bit like a geometric sudoku, it can promote a sense of observation, patience and problem-solving skills.

Each piece has the same size and shape but has different symbols on each side. The idea is to fit all pieces beside their matching symbol.

It also includes a wooden cover secured by 2 elastic bands.

Puzzle size: 25 x 29cm

Stuka Puka wooden puzzles are made in Poland by an eco-friendly company who pride themselves on the quality of their work. They work alongside therapists, psychologists, teachers and doctors to make sure all their puzzles are accurate and educational while also bringing children close to nature.

The puzzle is packaging-free too!

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Learning Skill Hand to Eye Coordination, Problem Solving, Sensory Development
Shop by Age Eight Year Olds, Eleven Year Olds, Nine Year Olds, Ten Year Olds, Twelve Year Olds
Shop by Gender Boys, Girls

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