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Topscent smelling game


Test your sense of smell with the Sentosphere Topscent smelling game and challenge your friends and family to a smell off!

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Topscent from Sentosphere requires, speed, concentration and challenges your sense of smell!
Smell a scent, throw the die and show your cards. As soon as the recognised element appears as many times as shown on the die, hit the pack and win the cards. To win you must get the highest number of cards.

A board game that can be played by 3 to 6 players and includes 96 fruit cards and 12 aroma diffusers.

To avoid spoiling the scents, do not mix the lids of the capsules and keep them stored tidily.
• Store the game away from heat sources or sunlight.
• Correctly stored, this game will last for over three years.

Perfect from 6 years.

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Learning Skill Problem Solving, Sensory Development, Social Skills

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