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Le Toy Van Daisylane Sitting Room


Le Toy Van Daisylane Sitting Room is a complete set to furnish any traditional dollhouse sitting room!

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Le Toy Van Daisylane Sitting Room is a painted wooden furniture set including sofa and chair with fabric cushions, coffee table with toy coffee set, a ‘log’ fire & mirror on the mantelpiece. There’s even a cat & a mat !
Includes all accessories as pictured.
Sofa = 19x6x8.5cm
Scaled for all LE TOY VAN doll’s houses and similar size dollhouses. Scaled 1/12″.
Perfect from 3 years.

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Learning Skill Discover the World, Hand to Eye Coordination, Pretend Play, Social Skills
Shop by Age Eight Year Olds, Five Year Olds, Four Year Olds, Seven Year Olds, Six Year Olds, Three Year Olds
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