Cleaning Wooden Toys


I love wooden toys and have since I became a mother decades ago! In fact, that is why I started in 2004. Over the past few months, parents and creches have been asking me how to effectively clean wooden … Read More

5 Do’s & 5 Don’t-Home Based Birthday Parties


We have 4 children, 2 older that are now finished with home parties and 2 younger children. Between them, we have hosted  maybe 30 home-based parties, so I speak with a certain amount of experience regarding home-based children’s birthday parties Our … Read More

5 Paper Games-Your Family Can Play Now


We live in a rural location and due to masses of snow, we are unable to get the car out for 4 days now. As ever some screen time is allowed, then some communal telly, walks where possible. But still … Read More

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