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Hand to Eye Coordination Toys

Learning Skill - Hand to Eye Coordination

Hand to eye coordination is the control of eye movement and the processing of what we see to guide bodily movement. It is essential throughout life in performing simple everyday tasks like picking up a book from a table as well as performing more complicated tasks like playing ball sports. The toys that promote hand to eye coordination are also key in developing good fine motor skills, essential for core competences such as writing.

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Welcome to Mimitoys, the Irish online department store for children, where we are passionate about play. I am Mimi, a French mother of four, who decided to set up Mimitoys in June 2004 with my husband Myles. To contact us email mimi@mimitoys.ie call us on 0469558977, (+353 04 69558977 ) or write to us Derryclare Summerhill, Co Meath.

The inspiration for our business came from the absence of readily available good quality wooden toys that were fun and educational for babies, toddlers and preschool children in Ireland. Since then we have broadened our scope to provide many more creative and engaging online toys for a much wider age range and now also bring you stylish and practical furniture ranges for your childrens bedroom. All available to browse at your leisure online or in our catalogue and ready to be packed and delivered to your door.