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Dancing Game Active


Practise your dance moves (and everybody else’s) with this fun dance and memory game.

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A fun, action and movement game! It includes 18 wooden cards with different “moves.
It can be played in so many different ways. The first player picks a card and mimes it, the second player picks a different one and mime the previous player’s move and their own, etc…
You can play this as a memo game too! So once each player picks a move, does it, they put it face down for the next players to do…
It can also be played as a series of different moves for younger players.

Great fun for parties and to promote concentration and team sports.
18 chips with different moves
each chip is made of wood and is 8cm in diameter
includes a drawstring bag
Perfect from 3 years.

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Learning Skill Physical Development Activity, Social Skills

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