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Safari Ltd Super TOOBS Horses


12 hand-painted Toob Horse figurines.

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Gallop over sprawling plains with these majestic steeds! This Toob features 12 horse figurines, including a Friesian, walking, Haflinger, stallion, bay, chestnut, Jutland, Trakehner, Clydesdale, white stallion, barb, and appaloosa, wind blowing through their manes! Hand-painted and crafted with true to life detail, these figurines capture each horse’s essence. Be it the Clyesdale’s hickory hair, bulky body, and massive size, the white stallion’s slim frame and blazing speed, or the Haflinger’s tawny colour and endearingly stubby build, this Toob is a perfect gift for any horse lover.
sizes of figurines vary between 3cm to 9.5cm
tube 32cm tall
The storing tube opens and closes and has a locking cap.
12 pieces in total
Perfect from 3 years.

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Learning Skill Discover the World, Pretend Play

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